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Frequently asked Questions about Climinax

We get lots os questions on a regular basis. With this in mind we have put together the most frequently asked questions and listed them below.

What is Climinax?
Climinax is an all-natural pill supplement that helps increase your sexual stamina.

How does Climinax work?
The Climinax formula helps your body relax and addresses the real problem of premature ejaculation and male stamina. It uses a combination of highly studies ingredients found nowhere else. It's principal ingredient is Griffona Seed Extract, which increases 5-HTP in the body. This is safe and natural and has no side effects.

What results can I expect?
Individual results may vary, but many men using Climinax for 3 months report being able to last 3-6 times longer than they normally do in bed. This product increases your sexual stamina and lasting power.

What are the ingredients of Climinax?
climinax ingredients

How long should I take Climinax?
We recommend taking the pills for a minimum of 3 months for maximum effectiveness. Some men see impressive results within a few days. Others take a bit longer. The time it takes to see results depend on your body type, eating habits, overall health, genetics, and other factors. Regardless of your current condition.

Are there any side effects?
No there are no side effects. While there are no side effects, it is recommended that you follow the dosage instructions and never take more than the recommended amount. Taking more than the recommended amount will not increase or speed up your results. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from taking vitamins or supplements, you should first consult your doctor before taking the Climinax pills.

Are the results permanent?
Because Climinax is an ingestible supplement, the results you see are permanent as long as you continue to take the recommended dosage.

How many Climinax tablets should I take each day?
Just take one tablet daily. Then approximately 1-2 hours before sex, take two more just for that added effect. There is no set time you should take Climinax. You find the best time that works for you. With or without food is fine as well. However if you take Climinax an hour before intercourse you will notice a huge increase in sexual stamina.

How much does Climinax cost?
The complete pricing details can be found on the Climinax order page

How do I track my orders status?
You can easily track your orders status at our order history page from within your account. Click here to log into your account. If you have selected recorded delivery you will be emailed a tracking reference. Please visit the royal mail tracking website and enter your tracking reference.

How much does delivery cost?
We have a dedicated delivery information page containing full delivery for UK and international customers.

Can you ship to my country?
Please see the answer above. Our dedicated delivery page gives full information and available countries.

How long does it take to receive my order?
We try our best to dispatch any order placed before 4pm on weekdays. All UK orders normally take 1-3 days but can take up to 5 days. International customers should allow up to 21 days for delivery.

How will my order be delivered?
We use Royal Mail to deliver all of our orders. We use 1st Class & Recorded delivery service.

What is your refund policy and return instructions?
In line with the distance selling regulations we offer a full return policy. You can return your product any time within 7 days unopened for a full refund minus delivery costs. We send out a full return address label with all orders.

Do you accept cheques or postal orders?
Yes we do. Simply continue your order process as normal. When you get to the payment options simply select cheque/postal order from the options. Your order will be generated. Please print this order confirmation off and send this with your cheque / postal order to the address given on confirmation. We will also email you address details.

Why was my credit card declined?
Credit / debit cards are declined for several reasons. You should first check to see if you have the funds available. You should also check that you have entered the billing address correctly. The billing address should be the same as the address on your statements.

I don't have a credit card can I still order Climinax?
Yes, We also use paypal as an alternative payment method. As above, we also accept cheques and postal orders.

How will the charges appear on my credit /debit card
Your statements will appear as World Niche

How Old Should I be To Take Climinax?
You should be at least 18 years of age or older.

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