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Now You'll Have Longer Lasting Sex Every Time...

"...I Now Last 12 Minutes Longer Than Before..."

"I started using Climinax a month and a half ago when I first started dating my girlfriend Tina. Needless to say having a new girlfriend changes things for a guy. I get a lot more "excited" and really want to show her a good time. I really wanted to make a good impression and satisfy her fully. So often I've struggled holding back and not cumming.

I can't tell you how truly embarrassing it is to cum after only 4 minutes into sex. So far Climinax has helped me last 12 minutes longer than before. Usually with a new girl I struggle to last long enough to please her, right around 3-5 minutes or so Using Climinax I've been able to last a full 17 minutes, and this with a new girl!
Very pleased"

John Giannelli, Bellevue, Nebraska, USA

"... Gone From 7-8 Minutes To Lasting Over 22 Minutes ..."

"This morning my wife commented on my stamina... All she said was "wow, that's the longest best sex we've had in a REALLY long time."
So far she's been liking the extra stamina and the extra sex... wink, wink. This morning she said our sex life was getting better as we get older. Struggling with this problem my whole life seems silly now that you've given me a way to last longer. From a guy who use to last 7-8 minutes, who now lasts 22+ thank you!"

Erwin Brandt, Horse Cave, Kentucky, USA

"... I've Extended My Lasting Time From 10 Minutes To Over 25 Minutes ..."

"I've been using this religiously for about 4 1/2 months, and I've extended my lasting time in bed to over 25 minutes. I originally struggled at 10 minutes, even with my wife of 8 years. Everyone knows sex gets boring when you're with the same person for several years but with me I really used to struggle holding back. I love sex as much as the next guy and when I did ejaculate before I satisfied my wife it was painful for me. This has given me freedom and a sense of accomplishment you'll never fully be able to understand. I just wanted to say thanks..."

Michael Ays, Miramar, Florida, USA

"... from 60 to 10 in just 24 hours ..."

I'm just writing to say thank you Climinax. Up until recently I never wanted sex with my wife, I knew it would be over as quick as it began within 60 seconds so I avoided it as much as I could. Then I found this website and I couldn't wait to try your Climinax It arrived within 24 hours of ordering. I can now last up to 10 minutes before I ejaculate. This is one happy customer.

Paul, Birmingham, UK

"... I Can NOW Hold Off For 32 Minutes ..."

As a guy who's struggled with premature ejaculation issues my whole life, your product has been a breath of fresh air for me. Looking back I can see how my fears have held me back from real meaningful relationships. Thank you for the new found confidence!

PS. I'm able to hold off on ejaculating for almost 32 minutes now!"

Sean Cheetham, Camden, NSW, Australia

"... My Girlfriend Kept Smiling, Telling Me I Have Great Stamina ..."

I've never seen my girlfriend smile so much. She constantly tells me how great my stamina is these days. It was her idea and she surprised me when she showed me the climinax. I've never looked back since.

Sam Jomoaa, Montreal, Canada

"... My boyfriend used to be the only one giving ..."

My boyfriend was disappointed. My performance in bed was so bad he was the only one giving. I used to make up excuses not to have sex and I have lost count of the sleepless nights worrying about my performance. My life has turned around so much since I found Climinax. The pressure if off, I can satisfy my boyfriend until he is happy these days. No more sleepless nights for me.

Andrew Lakemaker, Canada

"... I haven't lasted this long in years ..."

Thanks Climinax. For the first time in many years I can honestly say I am happy. This new confidence is all down the end of my premature ejaculation after taking your climinax. I haven't lasted this long in years. You've also made my wife happy again.

Andrew F, Leeds, UK

"... This Is a Huge Boost To My Self Esteem and Manhood ..."

"A month ago if you told me I could end this cycle of depression and premature ejaculation I wouldn't have believed u. I've tried all kinds of methods, from the start stop technique to desensitizing creams and gels. This is the only product that has worked for me, and the bonus pc flex exercises you suggested have been icing on the cake for me I no longer live in fear of lasting long enough to please any woman. This is a huge boost for my self esteem, my life, and my image of myself. I can't express how much this means to me. My confidence has been restored."

Ant Western, Bristol, UK

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Official UK climinax
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